Friday, October 16, 2009

Magic at work! The perfect dessert for a cozy Autumn evening...

Upon recovering from a flu, my first breath of fresh air made it felt like I have not been under the clear sky for more than a month! The mercury level has fallen over 20 degrees within the past 3 days, and my stomach just aches for something sweet and soothing, and there are very few things that could battle against this enchanted one.

Catching a whiff of the zesty zing as the near boiling milk collides into the golden nectar of ginger, then watching it magically set into a pudding consistency, without the aid of gelatine or eggs, I feel grateful towards the adventurer who discovered the scientific reaction between milk and ginger.

The warm Ginger Milk Pudding (薑汁撞奶) is a Chinese dessert that originated in Panyu Shawan Town of Guangzhou, China, where buffalo's milk is abundant. The mystery behind the coagulating union is the natural protease that exist in fresh ginger. The protease hydrolyses the casein and other milk proteins, causing it to coagulate, a procedure that very much mimicked by the production of cheese. Buffalo's milk is preferred for this dessert as it is much denser in consistency than the bovine version; the naturally high milk proteins content aids the pudding formation. Temperature is also a key, as with other sweets in the making. Since most enzymes are sensitive to heat treatments, the milk must be no more than 80 degrees Celsius as it meets the ginger juice for their first date. Here is how you initiate the romance:

Serves 2

2 cups whole milk
2 tbs fresh ginger juice (first mince the fresh ginger, place it in cheesecloth and extract the juice), 1 tbs in each bowl
2 tbs sugar (can be adjusted to your liking)

You will also need 2 saucier.

1. Heat the milk on high in 1 of the saucier till it simmers
2. Remove from heat, add sugar and stir quickly till dissolved
3. Pour milk from 1 saucier into another, repeat this procedure 5 times to cool down the milk
4. Pour milk into bowls with ginger juice, and allow it to stand for 3 minutes

Bon Appetit!

Ginger Milk Pudding on Foodista


LeeAnn said...

Would it help the consistency if you added powdered milk to milk (to increase protein without the liquid)?

Chow and Chatter said...

oh wow what a lovely blog you have and great dessert love it will become a facebook fan lol Rebecca

Bromography said...

Very interesting! I was not familiar with this recipe at all. I cannot wait to try it!

blanche_yih said...

Thanks so much for all your support!

LeeAnn: I have not thought of it! I must try that and see if the milk powder would help, since it is hard to achieve the desire texture with just whole milk....


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