Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Pineapple Bun with Chestnut Cream questions the mathematical principle of one plus one....

Does one plus one always add up to two? To most of us, we would not have the slightest doubt in answering yes, but in the minds of certain brilliant mathematicians, we can see the dawn to a hefty debate, and the same could be said in the world of gastronomy. Two perfectly lovable ingredients with their own individuality could cause a cosmic collusion when brought together, leaving a dark void on your sensory palate....I was fully aware of such consequence as I took a bite of my Japanese curry panini, drizzled with a sweet balsamic dressing....

Though the contrary can be said when this Chinese bread is under the spotlight. These two sinful treats are destined to meet, and unify into one bite-ful of love....the crusty sweetness Pineapple Bun filled with Chestnut Cream!

For those who have never savoured a Pineapple Bun, it is a signature icon that represents Hong Kong, both its history and character. It is believed that with the lack of resources during post-war periods, and the preference of locals for sweets, left over breads were topped with a pastry made of a dough similar to that used to make Chinese sugar cookies, which consists of sugar, eggs, flour and lard. The crusty sweetness complements the embraced bread that is soft and slightly sweetened. Lard is the key for the dimensions of texture; the sweet crust should be slightly crispy and flaky on the exterior, yet moist and tender at where it meets the bread component.

As if this soft pillow is not sinful enough on its own, the creamy yet aromatic chestnut filling heightens the body and the textural complexity of this bread. Although most Chinese bakery uses boiled chestnuts for their puree, as you take the initial bite, the nuttiness from the chestnut puree begins to invade your tongue, follows by the mesmerising aroma as it slides down your throat. It makes me wonder how much more intoxicating when this chestnut filling is made with the Sweet Roasted Chestnut!

For those who might be interested in making this lovable treat, please check out my recipe for the Pineapple Bun:


The Marrons Glacés cream recipe, please check out the following page:


Let's get baking =)


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