Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspired by a friend's favourite snack..Honey Chèvre Ice Cream with Sesame....

Crumbly, creamy with an attractive tangy palette, Chèvre has made frequent appearances my summer dishes. With this heavenly versatile fromage, my dear friend created her favourite snack for a twins baby shower..Chèvre ornamented with golden honey and fragrant toasted walnuts.

With the delicate balance between the fragrant sweetness of honey and the unique tartness of mature Chèvre that linger in a nutty afternote, wouldn't it be perfect to translating this experience into a dessert perfect for the humid hot summer!

~ Honey Chèvre Ice Cream with Sesame ~


1 pint of homemade vanilla bean ice cream
5oz Chèvre
3 tbs honey
6 tbs toasted white sesame seeds, pulse in grinder into a fine powder

1. Combine the Chèvre, honey and sesame powder into a smooth paste.
2. Add this mixture into the homemade vanilla bean ice cream as it is half way through its churning process.
3. Freeze until it is completely firm.
4. Serve with drizzle of honey, or with toasted walnuts!

Bon Appetit!

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