Monday, November 22, 2010

The Thread of Luster Gold....Foi Thong showcases the humble duck egg....

Mesmerised by the gleaming golden yarns, accompanied with the intense scent from the richness of duck egg yolks, my friend Lin has expanded my scope in Thai desserts, and the uniqueness in texture tempted me to explore further..a dessert originated from Portugal that brings prosperity and happiness..

Foi thong means gold fibres, and these miniature "skeins" of delicacies are the perfect demonstration of the art of simplicity. Immersed in modern cuisines are that often praised for the intricate balance of complex flavours and texture, it is almost refreshing to learn that this dessert consists of only three ingredients, duck eggs, sugar, and water.

To achieve the desired stringy texture, the duck egg yolks mixed with a small amount of egg-dew, the light egg white remaining in the egg shells, is lightly stirred unidirectional until a smooth consistency is reached. A fine string of the batter is then allowed to flow annularly from a small hole at the tip of a cone held 1-2 feet above a vessel of bubbling heavy syrup. When cooked (I am assuming when it floats..this require the experimental heart!), each skein is waved gently with a wooden chopstick through the syrup to give it a shimmering, silky look. The skeins are then rested on top of another vessel and allowed to drain. and refolded into smaller pillows.

With this new adventure ahead of making my own version, I look forward to dazzle up savoury and sweet dishes with this new favourite treat of mine..

~ Ingredients ~
10 Duck Egg Yolks
3 cups of sugar
2 cups of water (can be scented to the liking)
paper cone with fine tip made from folding a baking sheet

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