Saturday, January 9, 2010

Turn the deflated toasting bubbly into a refreshing dessert....Gelée de Champagne Lychee

No matter how much you imbibe on New Year’s Eve, chances are you’ll have some already-opened bubbly still left over on the morning, or the week after.

While mimosas, bellinis and other champagne cocktails are always an option on New Year’s Day, a more healthier method can utilise the corked bubbly in creative home cooking. Here I combine one of my favourite tropical fruits to create this refreshing yet simple dessert....

*This recipe can be made into a vegetarian/vegan version with Konnayaku powder or Agar replacing gelatin.

~ Gelée de Champagne Lychee ~

1 tb gelatin = 2 cups liquid *This recipe can be made into a vegetarian/vegan version with Konnayaku powder or Agar
1 Can of Lychee in light syrup
Leftover Champagne
Sugar to taste

1. Combine the leftover champagne with the light syrup from the canned lychee, and measure out the amount of gelatin required for the corresponding volume of liquid.
2. Place the liquid in a saucepan, and sprinkle the gelatin. Allow the gelatin to bloom in the liquid at room temperature for 20 mintues.
3. Heat the champagne mixture with gelatin over medium heat. Constantly stir until all the gelatin is dissolved.
4. Stir and dissolve sugar to your taste. Remove from heat.
5. Place 2 lychee in each champagne glass, and gently pour the champagne mixture into each glass to avoid bubbles.
6. Allow it to cool to room temperature and refrigerate for 4 hours or until the jello sets.

Bon Appetit!


pTsaldari said...

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Kate said...

blanche I am making this tonight! along with champagne sorbet :)


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