Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Macarons that Shimmered for the Union of Two Hearts....the Perfect Couple....

~ le Macaron de l'amour ~
Almond Macaron with Matcha Ganache

This article is part of "The Macaron Series"

For the Macaron Recipe, please click on this link below for the recipe for the Earl Grey Macaron:

* Replace the 8g of Earl Grey tea powder with 8g of almond powder

~ Matcha Ganache ~

1 tbs Matcha or Green Tea Powder
8 oz White Chocolate Couverture, finely chopped and place in stainless steel bowl
1/2 cup Heavy Cream

1. Mix 2 tbs of heavy cream into the Matcha powder to form a smooth paste
2. Place the remaining heavy cream in a saucier over medium heat and bring it to a near simmer
3. Pour the hot cream over the finely chopped white chocolate, and very gently stir until all white chocolate pieces have melted
4. Stir in the Matcha paste until it has completely incorporated with the white chocolate ganache
5. Allow the Matcha ganache to cool and thicken
6. Place the Matcha ganache into a piping bag to assemble le Macaron de l'amour!

Each Macaron was dust with Super Pearl Luster Dust....

le Macaron de l'amour was used as the decor for these cupcakes....for the very special couple~!

Bon Appetit!


The Chef In My Head said...

Oh my gosh, those look amazing!!! I have a friend that loves green tea, I will have to give these a try. - LeslieMichele

Forager said...

Wow, those macarons look so amazing! Like gleaming jewels!

annelies said...

This recipe brings together two of my favorite things: Matcha and Macarons. Genius!

Stephanie said...

These are so perfect looking - perfect tops and skirts! And I know how hard they are to make to look like this!!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to know how long shud I bake those macarons. I tried baking it for 15 mins but then when I touched it, it sticked to my finger. So I baked it for another 15 mins and It became brown and tasted like crispy cookies. How will I know if my macaron is done?


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